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At Black Rose Tattoo Collective, we also offer a wide variety of piercings and customs jewelry to choose from! We provide piercing services Mon-Sat as walk-ins. No appointment is needed. We will only be able to provide specific  piercings on Wednesdays (Please call ahead) because our dedicated piercer Genesis is off that day. Our piercings services are led by our Full-Time piercer, Genesis. Chico, Miles, and Jodey also offer select piercing services. Prices for new piercings are listed below.  We also offer piercings for Minors ages 13-17 with parent/guardian consent. The parent/guardian MUST BE present with a valid I.D. We also need a photo copy of the minors I.D. (Permit, Passport, Infinite Campus) AND a copy of the Birth Certificate/Legal Guardianship paperwork. NO EXCEPTIONS!

(Jewelry Included)

Earlobe - 30$ (60$ for both)
Nose - 50$
Lip - 50$
Belly/Navel - 50$
Eyebrow - 50$
Tongue - 50$ 

Nipple - 50$ or (100$ for both) NO MINORS
Cartilage (Tragus, Rook, Daith, Conch, Helix, etc.) - 50$
Smiley - 60$
Septum - 60$
Industrial - 60$
Dermal - 70$ NO MINORS

(These are base piercing prices with standard jewelry included. *Price may vary depending on jewelry. If you do not see a price listed feel free to call the shop and ask if we offer the piercing and how much it is.) 

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